Topic outline


    • To achieve academic excellence 
    • To educate the ‘whole child’ so they are ready for life 
    • To work collaboratively and ethically to provide education of the highest standard


    Leading to Academic Excellence and Personal Development

    Positivity - Optimism, enthusiasm, passion, high expectations, growth mind-set, ready for a challenge, willing to try new things.

    Curiosity - Wondering, enquiring, questioning, researching, having the desire to learn.

    Integrity - Being true to yourself, individual, honest, confident, responsible, free thinking, independent, having self-respect.

    Empathy - Kindness, tolerance, politeness, manners, team-work, communication, emotional intelligence, social skills, social awareness and social responsibility.

    Resilience - Determination, grit, effort, stamina, courage, perseverance, hard work, work ethic, focussed.

    Reflection - Thoughtful, learning from mistakes, self-aware.