Topic outline

  • Learning Beyond the Classroom

    At Yardleys we pride ourselves in providing an ambitious, engaging and challenging curriculum across all subjects. True mastery occurs when the learning from within the classroom is supported by opportunities for deeper thinking beyond the school. We are always looking to provide students with a range of enrichment trips and visits to promote this deeper thinking, however this can be further supported at home. Ultimately we want students to know more, remember more and do more;  we want to ensure that students can situate their learning within the wider world and become responsible and respectful citizens.

    There are many ways this can be supported at home; through increased access to watching and listening to podcasts, videos, documentaries etc. It can be supported by greater discussion at home around key topics and concepts that have been taught in school. Through the links below you will find year specific information booklets that can support you in this. Below you will also see a range of cultural opportunities throughout Birmingham that may spark curiosity and interest as well as give you a fun day out as a family.