Topic outline

  • Homework

    The homework which we set provides an opportunity for your child to consolidate and develop their understanding from lessons, as well as providing an opportunity to carry out further research. This plays a key role in your child’s academic success, as our brains are designed to forgot the information which we don’t go back over.

    We believe, and having engaged with academic research, that this approach is highly beneficial for our learners in building their long-term memory, and ensuring the content they cover is class is not forgotten.

    We understand that we all have different commitments after school. Therefore, to help assist with this all homework be issued every Tuesday on Show My Homework, with completion due on the following Monday. This allows you and your child to plan out at what points in the week homework will be completed.

    For times when your child has completed all of their homework, there are additional research projects which pupils can chose to engage with to enrich their learning that has taken place. Our Learning Beyond the Classroom section on our website also details how you can help develop your child’s deeper thinking through increased access to watching and listening to podcasts, videos, and documentaries.