Topic outline

  • When joining Yardleys, you will benefit from:

    • A wellbeing day providing all staff with the opportunity to request a day off-site to use as they wish.
    • Discretionary healthcare membership to Benenden Health with access to a 24/7 GP helpline, mental health helpline, medical diagnostics & treatment and mobile app with wellbeing classes.
    • An Electric vehicle scheme in partnership with Octopus EV salary sacrifice scheme.
    • A keen eye on staff workload with a generous Planning, Preparation & Assessment (PPA) allocation
    • Marking days for internal assessment weeks
    • A marking day for staff undertaking external examiner marking
    • A progressive, dynamic and research informed CPD programme, providing teachers with a genuine opportunity to develop their subject pedagogy and practice.
    • A commitment to professional development opportunities with 100+ hours of professional development time that can be accessed throughout the year - including coaching support, sharing good practice with each other through a variety of teacher takeaway approaches, a half termly teaching and learning newsletter, regular hotspots, opportunities to work across partner schools in a joint practice development programme and a regular professional reading group.
    • The opportunity to undertake and be supported with a National Professional Qualification (NPQ).
    • A collaborative approach with supportive managers and regular weekly meetings where subject specific training is provided through subject mastery sessions.
    • An excellent induction programme tailored to your job role.
    • State of the art facilities in a modern PFI building including a staff work room and staff room, that are well-resourced with computers, a vending and drinks machine.
    • Well-behaved students who are keen to learn
    • A Competitive Pension Scheme (Teachers' Pension Scheme)

    “Leaders care deeply about staff.  They are mindful of well-being and workload, and staff feel valued and appreciated.” *