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  • Humanities Faculty


    Yardleys students are justifiably curious about their place in the world and how History has shaped the present. The study of the world is vital to anyone with a desire to understand current trends in politics, economics and society in general. In Geography and we aim to encourage in our pupils a sense of curiosity, exploration and delight in the complex world in which they live. 

    Now, more than ever, Modern Foreign Languages are set to play an important role in future careers, and by studying other languages, our students are equipping themselves to play their part in an increasingly mobile, open, multi-lingual world. Birmingham is a vibrant, multi-cultural, multi-faith city and is reflected within Religious Education where our students gain an understanding of, and respect for, the different faiths and beliefs held, and the way beliefs and believers affect the world in which we live.

    Humanities encourages the discovery of other cultures and its people, opening the door to adventure and greater self-knowledge, and teaching our students to approach the foreign and the unfamiliar with humility and respect

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